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Spring 2017 Departmental Honors Courses

Departmental honors courses are offered by departments and colleges from across campus and take many forms. The following list is accurate as of November 2016. For more information and to register for courses, visit the class search tool.

NB: All Honors courses must be taken A–F. A grade of C- or better is required in order for the course to fulfill an Honors course requirement.

Spring 2017 Departmental Honors Courses

Course ID Course Title
ACCT 2050HHonors Introduction to Financial Reporting
ADES 4160HHonors Capstone Project
AEM 4894HSenior Honors Thesis
ANAT 3608HPrinciples of Human Anatomy Laboratory for Honors Students
ANSC 3091VResearch Proposals: From Ideas to Strategic Plans
ANTH 1003VUnderstanding Cultures: Honors
ANTH 2000VBeing Human: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Four Fields of Anthropology
ANTH 4013HSenior Honors Thesis Project
ARCH 3412HHonors: Architectural History Since 1750
ARCH 4194HThesis/Capstone Project
ARTH 3971VHonors: Art History Senior Project
ARTS 1001HHonors Introduction to Contemporary Art and Theory
AST 1011HExploring the Universe, Honors
AST 4299HSenior Honors Astrophysics Research Seminar
BA 4990HHonors Thesis Seminar I
BA 4991HHonors Thesis Seminar II
BA 4994HDirected Research
BBE 4801HHonors Research
BBE 4802HHonors Research
BIOL 1009HHonors: General Biology
BIOL 2002HFoundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part I
BIOL 2003HFoundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part II
BIOL 3004HFoundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part II Laboratory
BIOL 3960HCommunicating in the Biological Sciences
BIOL 4961HThesis Writing in the Biological Sciences: Conveying and Contextualizing Results
BMEN 4794HDirected Research Honors
CEGE 4000HHonors Research Seminar
CEGE 4194HSenior Honors Thesis
CFAN 4801HHonors Thesis
CHEM 1072HHonors Chemistry II
CHEM 1076HHonors Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 2332HHonors Elementary Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 4094VDirected Research
CHEM 4894HSenior Honors Thesis
CHIC 1102HHonors: Latinos in the United States: Culture and Citizenship
CNES 1042HHonors Course: Greek and Roman Mythology
CNES 1082HHonors Course: Jesus in History
COMM 1101HHonors: Introduction to Public Speaking
COMM 3190HHonors Course: Research Seminar in Communication
CPSY 4994VDirected Research in Child Psychology (Honors Thesis)
CSCI 1933HHonors Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
CSCI 2011HHonors Discrete Structures of Computer Science
CSCI 4994HHonors Thesis
CSCL 4944HHonors Thesis
DES 1111HHonors: Creative Problem Solving
ECON 4751HHonors: Financial Economics
EE 4982VSenior Honors Project II
ENGL 1701HHonors: Modern Fiction
ENGL 3171HHonors: Modern British Literatures and Cultures
ENGL 3883VHonors Thesis
ESPM 1012HEnvironmental Science and Society
FINA 4121HFinancial Markets and Interest Rates
FINA 4321HPortfolio Management and Performance Evaluation
FREN 4101VHonors: Seminar in French Studies
FREN 4110VHonors Thesis
GCC 3014Grand Challenge: The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century
GCC 3015Grand Challenge: Bioinspired Approaches to Sustainability
GCC 3016Grand Challenge: Antibiotic resistance: How can we avoid the apocalypse?
GCC 5014Grand Challenge: The Future of Work and Life in the 21st Century
GCC 5015Grand Challenge: Bioinspired Approaches to Sustainability
GDES 2399VDesign and its Discontents: Design, Society, Economy, and Culture
GDES 3352HHonors: Identity and Symbols
GDES 4160HHonors Capstone Project
GDES 4361VHonors Thesis Studio and Writing
GDES 4362HSenior Thesis and Exhibition
GEOG 1403HHonors: Biogeography of the Global Garden
GEOG 3993HHonors: Directed Studies
GEOG 3994HHonors: Directed Research
GLOS 3145HHonors: Global Modernity, the Nation-State, and Capitalism
GLOS 3550VHonors Course: Supervised Research Paper
GLOS 3613VHonors: Stuffed and Starved: The Politics of Eating
GLOS 4104HHonors: Crime and Human Rights
GWSS 3002VHonors: Gender, Race, Class
HIST 3462HHonors: From Subjects to Citizens—The History of East Asia from 1500 to the Present
HIST 4010VHonors: Research Seminar
HIST 4961VHonors: Major Paper
HRIR 3021HHonors: Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
HSG 4160HHonors Capstone Project
IDES 4160HHonors Capstone Project
JOUR 3004VHonors: Information for Mass Communication
JOUR 3776HMass Communication Law
JOUR 4721HMass Media and U.S. Society
JOUR 4993HHonors: Projects
KIN 3993HDirected Study in Kinesiology: Honors
KIN 4001HHonors Seminar in Kinesiology
LING 3001HHonors: Introduction to Linguistics
LING 3052VHonors: Thesis
MATH 1572HHonors Calculus II
MATH 2574HHonors Calculus IV
MATH 3593HHonors Mathematics II
MATH 5286HHonors: Fundamental Structures of Algebra II
MATH 5616HHonors: Introduction to Analysis II
ME 4081HMechanical Engineering Honors Thesis I
ME 4082HMechanical Engineering Honors Thesis II
MGMT 1005HCorporate Responsibility and Ethics
NURS 3802HNursing Care of Families I Honors
NURS 4205VHonors: Nursing Theory and Research
OLPD 2811HSocieties of the Future: Changing Work Contexts, Honors
PHIL 4995HHonors Senior Project
PHSL 4095HHonors Problems in Physiology
PHYS 1402VHonors Physics II
PHYS 1502VHonors Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 4950HSenior Thesis
PHYS 4960HHonors Seminar
POL 1001HHonors Course: American Democracy in a Changing World
POL 3108HHonors Tutorial: Thesis Preparation and Political Science Inquiry
POL 3110HHonors Thesis Credits
POL 3310HTopics in American Politics
POL 4900VHonors: Senior Paper
PSY 1001HHonors Introduction to Psychology
PSY 3001VHonors Introduction to Research Methods
PSY 4902VHonors Project
PSY 4994VHonors Research Practicum
RELS 1082HHonors Course: Jesus in History
RM 4160HHonors Capstone Project
RUSS 3311VHonors Major Project in Russian
SLHS 1301VThe Physics and Biology of Spoken Language Honors
SLHS 3402VMajor Project in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences Honors
SLHS 3555HHonors Thesis
SOC 1011VHonors: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3101HHonors: Sociological Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System
SOC 3503HHonors: Asian American Identities, Families & Communities
SOC 3613VHonors: Stuffed and Starved: The Politics of Eating
SOC 4101VHonors: Sociology of Law
SOC 4104HHonors: Crime and Human Rights
SOC 4135HHonors: Sociology of White-Collar Crime
SOC 4978VSenior Honors Proseminar II
SPAN 3104VHonors: Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literatures
TH 1101VHonors Section: Introduction to the Theater
TH 4905HHonors: Tutorial Seminar in Theatre Arts