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Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad Guidelines

Study, research, or internships abroad may be used to fulfill Honors Experience requirements as follows:

  • Full-term learning abroad experiences (fall semester, spring semester, May session or summer session) with registration in coursework earn students two Honors Experiences—coursework counts as an Honors course and the cultural experience counts as a non-course Honors Experience.
  • Students completing two terms of study abroad in one academic year (with registration in coursework for both terms) will earn four Honors Experiences—two for the coursework and two for the cultural experience. This enables students to complete UHP's Honors Experience requirements for an entire academic year through learning abroad.
  • Global seminars (including freshman seminars abroad) that include an abroad experience count as an Honors course and earn students one Honors Experience.
  • An approved credit-bearing semester of learning abroad to complete a research or internship experience earns two Honors Experiences—one for the research or internship and one for the cultural experience.

N.B. Students may be granted an additional non-course Honors Experience in a term if the experience satisfies UHP's minimum requirements.

Learning Abroad Resources

U of M Learning Abroad Center

The Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is one of the nation's largest study abroad programs, with hundreds of opportunities in over 60 countries. Their website has a wide range of resources.

Learning Abroad Photo Contest

The honors learning abroad photo contest and other abroad-related honors events will help you get an idea of what other honors students have experienced while abroad.