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NEXUS One Experience

Starting fall 2019 (piloting fall 2018), all UHP first-year students must complete the NEXUS One Experience during their first year with their cohort. This is not a course, nor does it have a defined final product to be submitted and/or evaluated. Rather, it is a structural, conceptual space in which we expect Honors students to develop—through reading, reflection, discussion, and engagement with a variety of materials and experiences—a sense of self and of context relevant to their undergraduate studies. This experience will replace required collegiate first-year courses if it is possible to negotiate this. In consultation with faculty from the colleges and schools with undergraduate programs, and with the University Libraries, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, ACARA, Learning Abroad Center, and Community-Engaged Scholarship Center, UHP will develop and curate the material for this experience. Said material will encourage the students to consider the following as a suite of interrelated topics:

  • self-identity, values, and developmental goals
  • what it means to be part of a large research University, including a specific introduction to the mission of the University of Minnesota and its Grand Challenges
  • orientation to large fields of inquiry (e.g., arts, humanities, hard sciences, social sciences, business, health care, and so forth)
  • orientation to the student's home college via a module insert
  • orientation to research and the resources available at the University
  • orientation to academic integrity in research
  • orientation to the greater Twin Cities community and to community-engaged learning
  • preparing to apply for national and international scholarships
  • an introduction to learning-abroad possibilities
  • an introduction to the responsibilities of future leaders to understand the present intertwined economic, environmental, psychological, and geo-political realities facing Homo sapiens