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University Honors Program Liaisons

Our professional advisors also serve as liaisons to University of Minnesota faculty. Faculty members who would like to reach out to the University Honors Program should contact the appropriate UHP Liaison from the below table.

College Discipline UHP Liaison Email
CBS Biochemistry Kaelyn Friese
CBS Biology Kaelyn Friese
CBS Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Kaelyn Friese
CBS Genetics, Cell Biology & Development Miranda Miller
CBS Microbiology Julie Goepfered
CBS Neuroscience Kaelyn Friese
CBS Plant and Microbial Biology Miranda Miller
CCE Inter College Program (ICP) Ian Ringgenberg
CDes Apparel Design Lindsay Lawton
CDes Architecture Lindsay Lawton
CDes Graphic Design Lindsay Lawton
CDes Housing Studies Lindsay Lawton
CDes Interior Design Lindsay Lawton
CDes Landscape Design and Planning Lindsay Lawton
CDes Retail Merchandising Lindsay Lawton
CEHD Business and Marketing Education Kristin Farrell
CEHD Career and Technical Education Kristin Farrell
CEHD Early Childhood Education Foundations Kristin Farrell
CEHD Elementary Education Foundations Kristin Farrell
CEHD Family Social Science Kristin Farrell
CEHD Human Resource Development Kristin Farrell
CEHD Kinesiology Kristin Farrell
CEHD Recreation, Park and Leisure Studies Kristin Farrell
CEHD Special Education Kristin Farrell
CEHD Sport Management Kristin Farrell
CEHD Technical Education Kristin Farrell
CEHD Youth Studies Kristin Farrell
CFANS Agricultural Education Miranda Miller
CFANS Agri and Food Bus Mgmt Miranda Miller
CFANS Agricultural Indust/Mktg Miranda Miller
CFANS Animal Science Miranda Miller
CFANS Applied Economics Miranda Miller
CFANS Bioproducts Mktg/Mgmt Miranda Miller
CFANS Env Sciences Policy & Mgmt Miranda Miller
CFANS Horticulture Miranda Miller
CFANS Fisheries and Wildlife Miranda Miller
CFANS Food Science Miranda Miller
CFANS Food Systems Miranda Miller
CFANS Forest & Natural Rsrc Mgmt Miranda Miller
CFANS Horticulture Miranda Miller
CFANS Nutrition Miranda Miller
CFANS Plant Science / APS Miranda Miller
CFANS Recreation Resource Mgmt Miranda Miller
CLA Acting Kristin Farrell
CLA African American & African Studies Laila Agily
CLA American Indian Studies Laila Agily
CLA American Studies Laila Agily
CLA Anthropology Lindsay Lawton
CLA Architecture (BA) Lindsay Lawton
CLA Art Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Art History Anne Reedstrom
CLA Asian Languages & Literature Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Bachelor of Individualized Studies Ian Ringgenberg
CLA Biology, Society, & Environment Kristin Farrell
CLA Chicano Studies Laila Agily
CLA Child Psychology Mary Moga
CLA Classical Civilization Lindsay Lawton
CLA Communication Studies Anne Reedstrom
CLA Cultural Studies & Comparative Lit Kristin Farrell
CLA Dance Brian Koeneman
CLA Economics Ian Ringgenberg
CLA English Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA French and Italian Studies Brian Koeneman
CLA French Studies Brian Koeneman
CLA Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Geography Kristin Farrell
CLA German Studies Lindsay Lawton
CLA Global Studies Lindsay Lawton
CLA Greek Lindsay Lawton
CLA Hebrew Lindsay Lawton
CLA History Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA IDIM - Individualized Degree Program Ian Ringgenberg
CLA Italian Studies Brian Koeneman
CLA Jewish Studies Kristin Farrell
CLA Journalism and Mass Communication Ian Ringgenberg
CLA Latin Lindsay Lawton
CLA Linguistics Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Music (BA & BMus) Brian Koeneman
CLA Music Education Brian Koeneman
CLA Music Therapy Brian Koeneman
CLA Philosophy Anne Reedstrom
CLA Physiology Anne Reedstrom
CLA Political Science Brian Koeneman
CLA Psychology Mary Moga
CLA Religious Studies Kristin Farrell
CLA Russian Mary Moga
CLA Scientific and Technical Communication Mary Moga
CLA Sociology Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Sociology of Law, Criminology & Deviance Rebecca Aylesworth
CLA Spanish Anne Reedstrom
CLA Spanish & Portuguese Studies Anne Reedstrom
CLA Speech Language Hearing Sciences Brian Koeneman
CLA Studies in Cinema & Media Culture Kristin Farrell
CLA Theatre Arts Kristin Farrell
CLA Urban Studies Kristin Farrell
CSE Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Julie Goepferd
CSE/CLA Astrophysics Laila Agily
CSE Biomedical Engineering Anne Reedstrom
CSE Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering Julie Goepferd
CSE Chemical Engineering Ian Ringgenberg
CSE/CLA Chemistry Anne Reedstrom
CSE Civil Engineering Anne Reedstrom
CSE Computer Engineering Ian Ringgenberg
CSE/CLA Computer Science Ian Ringgenberg
CSE/CLA Earth Sciences Julie Goepferd
CSE Electrical Engineering Ian Ringgenberg
CSE Environmental Engineering Julie Goepfered
CSE Geoengineering Anne Reedstrom
CSE Industrial & Systems Engineering Anne Reedstrom
CSE Materials Science and Engineering Ian Ringgenberg
CSE/CLA Mathematics Laila Agily
CSE Mechanical Engineering Julie Goepferd
CSE/CLA Physics Laila Agily
CSE/CLA Statistics Laila Agily
CSoM Accounting Brian Koeneman
CSoM Accounting Mary Moga
CSoM Entrepreneurial Management Brian Koeneman
CSoM Entrepreneurial Management Mary Moga
CSoM Finance & Risk Management Insurance Brian Koeneman
CSoM Finance & Risk Management Insurance Mary Moga
CSoM Human Resources & Industrial Relations Brian Koeneman
CSoM Human Resources & Industrial Relations Mary Moga
CSoM International Business Brian Koeneman
CSoM International Business Mary Moga
CSoM Management Information Systems Brian Koeneman
CSoM Management Information Systems Mary Moga
CSoM Marketing Brian Koeneman
CSoM Marketing Mary Moga
CSoM Supply Chain Operations & Management Brian Koeneman
CSoM Supply Chain Operations & Management Mary Moga
CSoM/Humphrey Institute Public/Nonprofit Managment Brian Koeneman
CSoM/Humphrey Institute Public/Nonprofit Managment Mary Moga
SoN Nursing Rebecca Aylesworth