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Honors Thesis Guide

Honors Requirements Are Changing!

New requirements—including those pertaining to Honors Experiences, the Honors Thesis, and more—will go into effect at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. These revised requirements will apply to students who enter UHP Fall 2018 or later; students who began UHP in Fall 2017 or earlier will continue to use the requirements as listed below. A PDF of the revised requirements is available for your review. Questions? Please contact your Honors advisor.

An honors thesis is required of all students graduating with any level of Latin honors. It is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to define and investigate a topic in depth, and to complete an extended written reflection of their results & understanding. The work leading to the thesis is excellent preparation for graduate & professional school or the workplace.


Thesis Workshops

Introductory thesis workshops are held every semester to give students a brief overview of the thesis-writing process. Watch the Weekly News for announcements regarding these sessions.

Thesis Database

The thesis database is a searchable collection of over 6,000 theses, with direct access to more than 4,000 full-text theses in PDF format. The database—fully searchable by discipline, keyword, level of Latin Honors, and more—is available for student use in the UHP Office (310 Northrop), 8am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday.

Thesis Forms & Documents

Public Thesis Presentations

Public presentations are required for all students completing summa cum laude theses. Students completing theses at the cum laude and magna cum laude levels are also encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to present their work. NB: Some colleges and/or departments may require public presentation at all levels.