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A Great Year for Scholarships

June 5, 2013

The 2012–2013 academic year saw an exciting number of University of Minnesota students—many of them in the University Honors Program—winning nationally and internationally competitive scholarships. Among the most prestigious scholarships awarded to UHP students this year were the Harry S. Truman Scholarship and Udall Scholarship—congratulations, everyone!

UHP students Bradley Conley (Truman finalist), Marissa Kramer (Gilman and Udall winner), and Katrina Klett (Truman and Udall winner) celebrate at a reception in honor of finalists and winners of nationally & internationally competitive scholarships, held at the Campus Club on April 24th. Photo by Patrick O'Leary for University Relations.

Astronaut Scholarships

  • Daniel Boman, Mechanical Engineering
  • Paige Voigt, Biomedical Engineering

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange

  • Michael Demianiuk, History

Critical Language Scholarships

  • Alicia Nelson, Sociology (Korean)

DAAD Summer Research Internships in Science and Engineering

  • Alexander Hron, Biochemistry and Chemistry
  • Maxwell Shinn, Neuroscience and Mathematics

Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

  • Anna Courchaine, Graphic Design (Scotland)

Fulbright US Student Program Scholarships

  • Yoko Ishida, Neuroscience, Physiology (Research, Japan)
  • Whitney Koester, Biology, Society, & Environment (English Teaching Assistant, Brazil)
  • Karl LaFleur, Biomedical Engineering (Research, Netherlands)
  • Leslie Meyer, Global Studies, Spanish Studies (English Teaching Assistant, Brazil)
  • Whitley Pusch, English, German Studies (English Teaching Assistant, Germany)
  • Paul Stadem, Biochemistry (Research, Uganda)
  • Katelyn Trexel, French Studies, Linguistics (English Teaching Assistant, Korea)

Gilman Scholarships (for study abroad)

  • Myra Burnette, History (Turkey)
  • David Deal, Journalism (Denmark)
  • Aletha Duchene, Spanish/Portuguese (Venezuela)
  • Tasha Ezell, Art History (Turkey)
  • Gabe Franta, Genetics, Cell Biology, & Development (Ecuador)
  • Anna Haynes, Biochemistry (Chile)
  • Song Her, Family Social Science (India)
  • Audra Huffmeyer Fisheries & Wildlife (Nepal)
  • Brittney Johnson, Applied Plant Science (Senegal)
  • Marissa Kramer, Political Science (Hungary)
  • Ky Krawczeski, Asian Languages & Literatures (Japan)
  • Aleah Laughlin, Global Studies (Venezuela)
  • Nicholas Leach, Urban Studies (Spain)
  • Mark Magelssen, Finance (Italy)
  • Justin Moen, Mathematics (Hong Kong)
  • Mee Pha, Sociology (Japan)
  • Khaleel Qandeel, Global Studies (Venezuela)
  • Scott Smith, Global Studies and Philosophy (China)
  • Katie Strand, Global Studies (Senegal)
  • Nadine Teisberg, Global Studies (Jorsan)
  • Pashie Vang (Japan)
  • Samantha Walsh, Global Studies and Political Science (Jordan)

Goldwater Scholarships

  • Daniel Boman, Mechanizal Engineering
  • Karen Leopold, Biochemistry and Genetics
  • Maxwell Shinn, Neuroscience and Mathematics

NanoJapan International Research Experience for Undergraduates

  • Alec Nicol, Chemistry & Biochemistry

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

  • Lucas Caretta, Materials Science
  • Paul Carlson, Chemical Engineering
  • Ross Kerner, Materials Science
  • Sam Schreiner, Aerospace Engineering

Truman Scholarship

  • Katrina Klett, Asian Languages and Literature: Chinese

Udall Scholarships

  • Katrina Klett, Asian Languages & Literatures/Chinese
  • Marissa Kramer, Political Science