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UHP Students Involved in Undergraduate Research

October 9, 2013

Faculty-directed undergraduate research is one of the most significant ways in which UHP students enhance their learning here at the University of Minnesota. Three students in the College of Biological Sciences—Rachel Soble (Double major in Genetics, Cell Biology & Development and Computer Science, class of 2015), Ayo Gazal (Neuroscience Major, class of 2015), and Ravi Patel (Biochemistry Major, class of 2013)—are currently involved in exciting lab-based research here at the U. View their videos below to learn a bit more!

Rachel Soble, Gralnick Lab—Engineering Bacterial Cooperation

Ayo Gazal, Vitek Lab—The effect of Parkinson's Disease on gait in non-human primates

Ravi Patel, Burkhard Seelig Lab—Engineering and evolving proteins in the lab