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Assess Your Scholarship Potential

Let’s say you’ve reviewed the list of national and international scholarships and have found one (or more) that fits with your developing interests and goals. You seem to meet the qualifications for this scholarship, but it’s so competitive. Would you really stand a chance?

Every scholarship candidate we know of, including those who have won, has pondered this question. Of course, no one can assure you that you will win a scholarship if only you apply. But if you meet the selection criteria for a scholarship that would offer you a wonderful opportunity, why not go for it? If you’re wondering whether your application would be competitive, how to make it more competitive, or which scholarships you should consider, we hope you will consult with scholarship advisor Sally Lieberman. Applying for a scholarship means taking stock of your interests, experiences, accomplishments, and aspirations; accepting both your strengths and your challenges; and learning how to present yourself well. When you read the bios of previous scholarship winners, keep in mind that every one of them has gone through this learning process. It’s never too soon to begin investigating these opportunities; in fact, the earlier you begin, the more you are likely to benefit. Please contact our office soon for advice and assistance!

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