Courses & Experiences

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A quality education must include practical real-world experiences in addition to traditional classroom learning. The "Honors Experience" was created to promote this critical educational diversity and allows students to shape customized paths toward graduation with Latin honors.

What is an Honors Experience?

Honors Experiences are curricular and co-curricular experiences that challenge a student by adding depth and/or diversity to the student's education. They can be any of the following:

  • Honors Courses
    Honors courses are an opportunity for honors students to learn from some of the University's most distinguished faculty and discipline experts in an engaging environment.
  • Non-Course Experiences
    Experiences outside of the classroom, such as research, studying abroad, NEXUS experiences, and internships, provide an educational breadth that can’t be obtained in the classroom. Students should discuss potential non-course experience opportunities with their honors advisor.
  • Writing an Honors Thesis
    The honors thesis is the capstone of an honors education, requiring students to synthesize the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their undergraduate careers.

The Honors NEXUS Program

The NEXUS Program aims to put ideas at the center of the UHP experience, and to do so via discussion and input from students and faculty in diverse disciplines.

  • NEXUS One is the first Honors NEXUS Experience that all UHP students will complete, in most cases during fall of the first year in the program. It also gives a sense of the spirit of our other NEXUS experiences. For students entering the program fall 2018 or later, NEXUS One is a requirement for graduation with Latin Honors.
  • Other Honors NEXUS Experiences are not required for graduation with Latin Honors, but may be used to fulfill non-course experience requirements. These experiences take a variety of forms, treat a diverse array of subjects, and occur over different spans of time.

Honors Experience Requirements

All honors students must complete a set number of Honors Experiences per year.