Learning Abroad

The Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is one of the nation's largest study abroad programs, with hundreds of opportunities in over 60 countries. The LAC website has a wide range of resources, including:

Learning Abroad Guidelines

Study, research, or internships abroad may be used to fulfill Honors Experience requirements as follows:

  • Completion of an HSem or Honors course with an abroad component, or with an embedded/extension experience abroad (these count as non-course Honors Experiences in addition to the Honors Course experience)
  • Completion of OLPD 3331H (1 credit) in conjunction with any other learning-abroad experience lasting at least six weeks (e.g., semester study abroad, internship abroad, I-UROP, etc.)
  • Completion of a U of MN global or LAC seminar (counts as a non-course Honors Experience)