Laboratory Research Sampler

Although labs and the people who work in them are highly creative and productive, the work that happens there can seem inaccessible and mysterious to undergraduates. In this pilot Honors Experience, research labs across the University will open up their doors to a small group of Honors students over the course of an academic year. With each lab tour, students will read the most recent publication from that lab and discuss it with the faculty and staff researchers. Students who participate in this experience will have the opportunity to tour labs in the STEM fields, the social sciences, and in departments not traditionally known to do lab work (think Apparel Design, Dendrochronology, and Anthropology). If you are wondering what research looks like and would like to get started yourself, this is an excellent way to become familiar with the University’s opportunities.


  • Students will be responsible for attending at least six (6) of the lab tours offered.
  • Students will participate in pre-reading publications, lab tours, and reflection experiences throughout the semester, as well as a reflection/response paper at the end of the semester.
  • Get support in approaching a professor to have an independent conversation about their research and/or your ability to join ongoing research


Activity Period: Fall 2021 semester

Meets: All lab visits will be on Wednesdays from 4:00–5:00pm.

Students Admitted: 24 (two sections of 12)