Spotlight Lecture Series: Patriotism, Public Service, and Civic Engagement

The Spotlight Series for 2021-22 returns to a 100% in-person experience, with a focus on patriotism, public service, and civic engagement. Each presentation will feature a lecture or a moderated discussion between two or three individuals on one of the following topics: Journalism and Public Discourse; Protest & Public Art; American Flag Iconography; The Military; Voter Access & Agency and Election Security; and Policing and Public Safety.

We are hopeful that this series will provide a valuable opportunity to engage in healthy dialogue about American citizenship and patriotism, good, bad, and ugly. Participants will attend lectures, discuss them in small groups with a faculty member, and write a final synthesis paper. This year we are proud to welcome another exciting roster of speakers to campus; names will be announced over the summer. All lectures will be held in Northrop's Best Buy Theater.


  • Participants must attend five of the six lectures and discussions, and complete five of the six assigned readings or supplementary activities
  • Participants must complete a synthesis paper at the end of the series, finding connection points between disparate lecture topics
  • Each participant will have an opportunity to join a group dinner with one of the speakers, courtesy of UHP
  • All materials (tickets, texts, dinner, etc.) provided by UHP
  • Speakers: TBD


Activity Period: Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters

Meets: All lectures held on Thursday afternoons. Lecture and Q&A from 3:30-5:00pm; Dinner from 5:00–6:45pm; Discussion from 7:00–8:00pm. Specific dates TBD. Students must be free at these times on Thursdays for both semesters.

Students Admitted: 24