Non-Course Honors Experiences

Participation in a distinctive educational opportunity outside of the classroom may count as an Honors Experience. These experiences must exhibit significant levels of participation and adhere to non-course Honors Experience guidelines in order to be approved. You should discuss all non-course options with your honors advisor.


Examples of non-course Honors Experiences include:


Experience Approval Process

This process applies only to students who began UHP prior to Fall 2018. Students beginning Fall 2018 or later will consult the Current Honors Requirements and use the Honors Reporting Center to document their experiences and submit them for approval.

Most non-course learning experiences must receive special approval.

  • To get an idea of the types of learning experiences that are generally approved, review the non-course Honors Experience guidelines and resources listed on this page.
  • Discuss any prospective experience with your honors advisor.
  • At the end of each semester, use the Semester Honors Summary Form to document your experiences.