The following guidelines apply only to students who began UHP prior to Fall 2018. Students beginning Fall 2018 or later will consult the Current Honors Requirements and use the Honors WorkflowGen to document their experiences and submit them for approval.

An internship may count as an Honors Experience if it is:


  • Associated with an organization relevant to your academic or career interests and/or future career goals, with an opportunity to connect learning in the classroom to real-world projects; and
  • Comprised of clearly-defined, value-added projects benefiting the organization as well as your own growth and learning; and
  • At least one semester in duration (or equivalent), representing a minimum time commitment of 45 hours to one organization or business over the course of the semester; and
  • Paid, volunteer, or for credit*; and
  • Supervised by a mentor within the host organization; and
*Credit-bearing internships may count as non-course experiences, but may not count as honors courses.

Internship Resources

College Career Offices: Your college has a career office that may be able to help you with an internship. Get in touch!


UMN Career Services: A guide to career resources for undergraduate students.


GoldPASS: The U of M's online database of job, internship, and volunteer opportunities.


Career Counseling, Student Counseling Services: Assistance in developing a greater sense of self-awareness relevant to the career development process.


Pre-Health Student Resources Center: Resources for students planning to enter professional health programs


Internships Abroad: Resources for students planning to complete an internship while learning abroad.


HECUA: Semester-long HECUA programs incorporate classroom studies, an internship, and field work around some of the most important issues of our time.