Tutoring for an Honors Experience

UHP students can earn an Honors Experience for both paid and unpaid tutoring or teaching assistant positions. These opportunities serve to provide learning and enhancement of academic curricula for undergraduates or school-age children.

Justice Page Middle School & Murray Middle School Tutoring

The University Honors Program is proud to partner with Justice Page Middle School (Minneapolis) and Murray Middle School (Saint Paul) to bring UHP students in for tutoring opportunities. This is a fantastic opportunity to serve the community surrounding the University, as the Twin Cities has one of the largest opportunity/achievement gaps in the country. Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools hope to continue the program's success with the positive impact that UHP students have made in the past.


Tutors are typically asked to donate about 5 hours per week of their time to travel and work in classrooms with middle school students. Applications for spring 2020 tutoring are now OPEN! Past tutors must reapply each semester. The deadline to apply is 11:59pm on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.


How to Earn an Honors Experience Through Tutoring

The following guidelines apply to students seeking to earn an Honors Experience for their tutoring work. If you choose to work as a tutor without earning an Honors Experience, these guidelines do not apply.

Justice Page Tutors

Murray Tutors

  • For students who began UHP prior to fall 2018: A minimum of 45 hours is required, and the experience is reported using the Semester Honors Summary Form. Students must follow all Classroom Partner Requirements.
  • For students who began UHP fall 2018 or later: Students must follow all Classroom Partner Requirements. Since you will be working with a faculty mentor, you will report your Honors Experience using the "Mentor-Supervised Independent Activity" WorkflowGen process found in the Honors Reporting Center.