Honors Experience Requirements


Students starting UHP prior to fall 2018 will use the Legacy Requirements. Students starting UHP fall 2018 or later will use the Current Requirements. Carefully answer the following prompt to view the requirements that apply to you.


Current Honors Experience Requirements

In addition to the brief requirements covered here, students starting after fall 2018 should closely consult the the complete Honors Requirements document. (Please be sure to clear your cache to ensure you're viewing the most recent version of this document, which says "Last updated January 2022" in the lower right corner of the first page)


In brief, all students graduating with Latin Honors must complete the following:


  • UHP NEXUS ONE experience
  • 3 Honors courses (at least one an HSem or 3xxx-level or higher GCC)
  • 5 additional Honors experiences (course or non-course)
  • Senior thesis and supporting thesis course work (one semester of thesis coursework, minimum; thesis coursework amounting to at least 2 credits after the first semester of thesis coursework may count as one of the three Honors courses, above)

  • Note: Students graduating in fewer than eight semesters should consult with their Honors Advisor about how this affects Honors requirements.

Additional Details

First-year experience and senior-year requirements are detailed in the complete Honors Requirements document. Beyond these requirements, students must also complete three (3) additional Honors courses, one (1) of which must be an Honors seminar or Grand Challenge course (3xxx-level or higher), and five (5) additional Honors experiences (course or non-course). These eight (8) total requirements may be completed at any time once the student has officially matriculated into an undergraduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. (Hence, experiences completed during high school (e.g., PSEO) or the summer before matriculation to the University, while certainly contributing to a student’s admission to UHP, won’t count toward Honors requirement fulfillment. (Note that experiences completed by a non-Honors first- or second-year student who is later admitted to UHP would count).

Mid-Program Review

Every UHP student will undergo a mid-program review. This will occur after four semesters for students who start UHP as first-year students, and after two semesters for post-freshman admits. The program will determine if a student is eligible to continue in the program and to pursue Latin Honors by reviewing the student's cumulative GPA as well as their engagement with the program through the completion of requirements and frequency of advising appointments. With this in mind, we encourage students to complete four of their Honors requirements during the first two years in the program and to see their advisor at least once per term. See page 9 of the current requirements document for more information.

Latin Honors Requirements

All students must meet the GPA requirements mandated by University policy for the appropriate level of Latin Honors. The GPA of the last 60 graded credits and the nature of the senior-year project will be the determining factors as to the student’s level of Latin Honors. More information is available in the Latin Honors section of our website.