Honors Advising

Honors students work closely with our advisors to ensure that they are achieving academic success and taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by the University and Twin Cities communities.

Honors Advisors

Honors advising guides students throughout their undergraduate career—from freshman orientation through graduation. Assisting and guiding students whose academic and disciplinary interests transcend a single college, Honors Advisors work across and with multiple colleges, seamlessly serving the UHP student. Your Honors Advisor will help you to:

  • Identify synergies between UHP and collegiate degree requirements
  • Select courses and prepare for registration
  • Explore major and minor options
  • Find opportunities for research and community involvement
  • Connect with campus resources
  • Plan for graduation with Latin Honors
  • Develop post-graduation plans

Honors Faculty Representatives

Honors Faculty Representatives serve reciprocal roles as the ambassadors for UHP within departments and as the ambassadors for departments to UHP. As such we ask them to perform the following duties:

  • Review departmental students' Honors plans, and give them feedback or recommendations on their options within the department.
  • Assist students in developing thesis ideas and then work with students to find the most appropriate faculty advisor and committee members.
  • Approve student requests to take Honors-thesis support courses outside of the major/program/college if appropriate (see the Honors Requirements document for more information).
  • Help faculty and instructors in their departments determine if a given graduate course (5xxx-level or higher) should count as an Honors course for a UHP student taking it. The rule of thumb is that for a course to count, it should not be required in the major program plan, nor among a suite of courses often used by non-Honors students to count as an upper-division major elective.
  • Pass along information from UHP to departmental colleagues, with particular emphasis on encouraging faculty to consider developing Honors Seminars and departmental Honors courses, and on keeping the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies up-to-date.
  • Review UHP programmatic initiatives vis-à-vis their potential impact on the department.
  • Work with UHP to develop discipline-specific language around Honors thesis expectations and coursework.
  • Consider serving on UHP's Faculty Advisory Board or ad hoc committees as necessary.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

Many of our students have academic interests that extend beyond one specific discipline. To best support these students, we collaborate with colleges and departments from across campus to become experts in the advising practices and curricular requirements of all disciplines.