Departmental Honors Courses

Fall 2019 Courses

ACCT 2050H - Honors: Introduction to Financial Reporting

ADES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

ANTH 1003V - Understanding Cultures: Honors

ANTH 2001V - Being Human - A Comprehensive Introduction to the Four Fields of Anthropology

ANTH 4007H - Honors: Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology

ANTH 4013H - Honors Thesis

APEC 1101H - Principles of Microeconomics

ARCH 3411V - Architectural History to 1750

ARCH 3711V - Honors: Environmental Design and the Sociocultural Context

ARCH 4194H - Thesis/Capstone Project

ARTH 3971V - Honors: Art History Capstone

ARTS 1001H - Honors Introduction to Contemporary Art and Theory

ARTS 3401V - Honors: Critical Theories and Their Construction From a Studio Perspective

AST 1011H - Exploring the Universe, Honors

AST 4299H - Senior Honors Astrophysics Research Seminar

BA 4992V - Honors Thesis Seminar

BA 4994H - Directed Research

BBE 4801H - Honors Research

BBE 4802H - Honors Research

BIOL 1001H - Introductory Biology I: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives

BIOL 1951H Foundations of Biology I for Biological Sciences Majors, Lecture

BIOL 2003H Foundations of Biology II for Biological Sciences Majors, Lecture

BIOL 2960H - Exploring Research in the Biological Sciences

BIOL 3960H - Communicating in the Biological Sciences

BIOL 4960H - Thesis Writing in the Biological Sciences: Developing the Literature Review

BMEN 4794H - Directed Research Honors

BSE 3996H - Honors: Senior Project Directed Research

BSE 3997H - Honors: Senior Project

CEGE 4000H - Honors Research Seminar

CEGE 4094H - Senior Honors Thesis

CFAN 3091V - Research Proposals: From Ideas to Strategic Plans

CFAN 4801H - Honors Thesis

CHEM 1071H - Honors Chemistry I

CHEM 2312H - Honors Organic Lab

CHEM 2331H - Honors Elementary Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 4094V - Directed Research

CHEM 4894H - Senior Honors Thesis

CHEN 4594H - Directed Research - Honors

CHIC 1102H - Honors: Latinos in the United States: Culture and Citizenship

CNES 1042H - Honors Course: Greek and Roman Mythology

COMM 1101H - Honors: Introduction to Public Speaking

COMM 3190H - Honors Course: Research Seminar in Communication

CPSY 3360H - Child Psychology Honors Seminar

CPSY 4994V - Directed Research in Child Psychology (Honors Thesis)

CSCI 1133H - Honors Introduction to Computing and Programming Concepts

CSCI 4994H - Honors Thesis

CSCL 5944H - Honors Thesis

DES 1101V - Honors: Introduction to Design Thinking

DES 1111H - Honors: Creative Problem Solving

EDHD 1525V - First-Year Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Ways of Knowing

EE 4981H - Senior Honors Project I

ENGL 3007H - Honors: Shakespeare

ENGL 3883V - Honors Thesis

FINA 3001H - Honors: Finance Fundamentals

FREN 4110V - Honors Capstone Independent Study in French and Francophone Studies

FSOS 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

GCC 3003 - Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues

GCC 3005 - Global Venture Design: What Impact Will You Make?

GCC 3017 - World Food Problems: Agronomics, Economics and Hunger

GCC 3018 - What American Dream? Children of the Social Class Divide

GCC 3024 - 11 Billion People: How long can the planet sustain humanity?

GCC 3025 - Living the Good Life at the End of the World: Sustainability in the Anthropocene

GCC 3026 - Stepping into the gap: Understanding the challenges of supporting diversity in STEM

GCC 3027 - Power Systems Journey: Making the Invisible Visible and Actionable

GCC 3028 - Harnessing the power of research, community, clinic and policy to build a culture of health

GCC 3033 - Advancing Health Equity: The Structural Determination at Home and Abroad

GCC 5003 - Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues

GCC 5005 - Global Venture Design: What Impact Will You Make?

GCC 5017 - World Food Problems: Agronomics, Economics and Hunger

GCC 5024 - 11 Billion People: How long can the planet sustain humanity?

GCC 5027 - Power Systems Journey: Making the Invisible Visible and Actionable

GCC 5028 - Harnessing the power of research, community, clinic and policy to build a culture of health

GCC 5034 - How Can We Transition Minnesota to a Carbon-Free Economy?

GDES 2399V - Design and its Discontents: Design, Society, Economy, and Culture

GDES 3352H - Honors: Identity and Symbols

GDES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

GDES 4361V - Honors Thesis Studio and Writing

GDES 4362H - Senior Thesis and Exhibition

GEOG 3994H - Honors: Directed Research

GEOG 3996H - Honors: Senior Project Directed Research

GEOG 3997H - Honors: Senior Project

GLOS 3144H - Honors: Knowledge, Power, and the Politics of Representation in Global Studies

GLOS 3550V - Honors Course: Supervised Research Paper

GWSS 3002V - Honors: Gender, Race and Class in the U.S.

GWSS 3102V - Honors: Feminist Thought and Theory

HCOL 3102H - The Honors Thesis—Writing

HIST 4961V - Honors: Major Paper

HSG 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

IDES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

IDSC 3001H - Honors: Information Systems for Business Processes and Management

IE 4894H - Senior Honors Thesis

JOUR 1001H - Media in a Changing World

JOUR 3776H - Mass Communication Law

JOUR 4733H - Honors Thesis Seminar

KIN 3993H - Directed Study in Kinesiology: Honors

KIN 4001H - Honors Seminar in Kinesiology

LA 4160H - Thesis/Capstone Project

LING 3051H - Honors: Thesis

LING 3052V - Honors: Thesis

MATH 1571H - Honors Calculus I

MATH 1572H - Honors Calculus II

MATH 2573H - Honors Calculus III

MATH 3592H - Honors Mathematics I

MATH 5285H - Honors: Fundamental Structures of Algebra I

MATH 5345H - Honors: Introduction to Topology

MATH 5615H - Honors: Introduction to Analysis I

ME 4081H - Mechanical Engineering Honors Thesis I

ME 4082H - Mechanical Engineering Honors Thesis II

MGMT 1001H - Honors: Contemporary Management

MKTG 3001H - Honors:Principles of Marketing

NURS 4404V - Honors: Applied Research and Research Utilization

OLPD 2811H - Societies of the Future: Changing Work Contexts, Honors

PHIL 4995H - Honors Senior Project

PHSL 4095H - Honors Problems in Physiology

PHYS 1401V - Honors Physics I

PHYS 2503H - Honors Physics III

PHYS 4950H - Senior Thesis

POL 1025H - Honors: Global Politics

POL 4900H - Honors Thesis

PSY 1001H - Honors Introduction to Psychology

PSY 3801H - Honors Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis

PSY 4902V - Honors Project

PSY 4996H - Honors Internship/Externship

PSY 5018H - Mathematical Models of Human Behavior

RM 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

RUSS 3311V - Honors Major Project in Russian

SLHS 1301V - The Physics and Biology of Spoken Language Honors

SLHS 3555H - Honors Thesis

SMGT 3501H - Sport in a Diverse Society: Honors

SOC 1011V - Honors: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 3511H - Honors: World Population Problems

SOC 4101V - Honors: Sociology of Law

SOC 4141H - Honors: Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 4551H - Honors: Sociology of Sexualities

SOC 4977V - Senior Honors Proseminar I

SPAN 3015V - Honors: Spanish Composition and Communication

SPAN 3105V - Honors: Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

TH 1101V - Honors Section: Introduction to the Theater

TH 4905H - Honors: Tutorial Seminar in Theatre Arts

WRIT 3562V - Honors: Technical and Professional Writing

WRIT 4995H - Technical Writing and Communication Honors Thesis