Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship

The Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship supports a full year of study abroad for students who will have completed at least 120 credits of academic work by the end of the spring semester 2019 and will have finished all graduation requirements by the end of the proposed study abroad experience. Students who are in their third year of undergraduate education are especially encouraged to apply.


The Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship provides an opportunity for students at any campus of the University of Minnesota to enrich their academic experience with a full year of undergraduate study in another country. The scholarship will cover all or a portion of in-country educational expenses (tuition, fees, books, and research costs), room and board, essential daily expenses, and round-trip transportation to the study site. Sullivan Scholarship applicants are expected to apply for other scholarships or grants for which they are eligible that could be applied toward any of the above expenses. Financial support from the Sullivan Scholarship will supplement, but not duplicate, benefits from other such grants or scholarships. In other words, the total amount awarded from all sources combined may equal, but not exceed, the costs of tuition, fees, books, room and board, essential daily expenses, and round-trip transportation to the study site.


The University expects to award two scholarships of up to $15,000 for the 2019-20 academic year.


This scholarship requires a nomination from the University of Minnesota in order to apply at the national or international level. The Office for National and International Scholarships organizes the nomination process, consults with all interested students on assembling competitive applications, works with nominees to prepare for all stages of national competition, and publicizes results.


Application Deadline: 
February 7, 2020
Campus Contact: 
Application Year(s): 
Sophomore; Junior; Senior
Award Type(s): 
Undergraduate; Abroad Experience

University of MN Recipients