Spotlight Lecture Series

2019-20 Spotlight Lecture Series: Perspectives on Environmental Justice

The University of Minnesota Spotlight Series (formerly known as both the Honors Lecture Series and Northrop Lecture series) is a collaborative partnership between Northrop, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the University Honors Program to present lectures, panel discussions, exhibits, and other events throughout the academic year around a topic of timely interest. The 2019-20 series focuses on Environmental Justice and features perspectives from a variety of voices in the field, including academics and practitioners from multiple disciplines. Campus leaders, artists, policymakers, and funders will explore several critical aspects surrounding the intersection of the environment and equity. All lectures are held on Thursdays from 3:30-5pm in the Best Buy Theater, 4th floor Northrop.


  • Thursday, September 19: Dr. Fayola Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute presents "Grasping at the Roots: Intersectionality and Environmental Justice."
  • Thursday, October 10: Ananya Chatterjea, Shanai Matteson, and others will lead a panel discussion on Arts and environmental justice.
  • Thursday, November 7: Aviva Rahmani and Kathryn Milun moderate a discussion on environmental law.
  • Thursday, February 13: Aimee Whitman and Paul Odegaard lead a discussion on philanthropy and environmental justice.
  • Thursday, March 19: Halston Sleets and Sam Grant will lead a conversation on environmental policy.
  • Thursday, April 9: Jessica Hellman leads a discussion on the evolution and current directions of Environmental Sciences and Ecology programs in public higher education.