ONIS Newsletter, December 2020

Publication date: 
Wednesday, December 16, 2020

ONIS isn’t just for Honors students

While we are physically and administratively located in Northrop with the University Honors Program, ONIS is a resource for all undergraduate students at the University and even some graduate students.  In the past year one of our Astronaut Scholars, two of our Boren Scholars, two Critical Language Scholars, six Fulbright Scholars, a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, and a Udall Scholar were not enrolled in the Honors Program.  While Honors students often have the skills and experiences that make them good candidates for competitive scholarships, many other students have specific qualifications and goals that will make them successful applicants as well.  All students should be encouraged to look at the scholarship descriptions on the ONIS website and to contact natschol@umn.edu if they have questions about the appropriateness of any specific award for them.

Not everyone stayed home this year

Coby Oertel, who graduated in the spring with majors in History and African/African American Studies, was awarded an English Teaching Assistantship by the Austrian Government.  This program is administered by Fulbright Austria, but the selection process is separate from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.  While most of the UMTC Fulbrighters have had to put their experience on hold, Coby travelled to Graz to teach in a secondary school this fall.  He spent the first six weeks meeting with students in-person, but has now shifted to on-line education.  He expects to be back in the classroom after the winter break.  The application for the Austrian ETA program is now open, and interested and qualified students should apply by January 15.  Contact natschol@umn.edu for support.

Approaching Scholarship Deadlines

Scholarships with a campus deadline listed are ONIS priority scholarships with require a university nomination process.  Students must consult with ONIS and submit a preliminary application for these awards.  Scholarships with only a national deadline listed are ONIS supported scholarships.  Students may apply directly for these awards, but ONIS is willing to support them with writing support and strategic advice.

Boren Scholarships/Fellowships (Students):  Up to $24K to support immersive, language-centered study abroad in less frequently visited countries.  January 4 (campus), January 27 (graduate national), February 3 (undergraduate national)

Beinecke Scholarship (Juniors):  $34K to support graduate study in the Humanities, Arts, and some Social Sciences. Successful applicants will have a record of receiving need-based aid.  January 11 (campus), February 10 (national)

US Teaching Assistants at Austrian Schools (Seniors):  Spend a year as an English teaching assistant in an Austrian secondary school. Administrated by Fulbright Austria and funded by the Austrian Ministry of Education, the program provides a monthly salary and medical insurance.  January 15 (national)

Udall Scholarship (Sophomores and juniors): $10K toward undergraduate educational expenses for Native American students or students involved in environmental research and policy.  January 22 (campus), March 4 (national)

Point Scholarship (Students): An average of $10K toward educational expenses for LGBTQ students with a record of academic achievement, leadership and community service.  January 25 (national)

Hollings Scholarship (Sophomores): $19K toward undergraduate educational expenses and a paid summer internship for students in marine biology, atmospheric science, water resources, environmental education and other areas related to the work of NOAA.  January 31 (national)

Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship (Sophomores and seniors):  $75K toward undergraduate or graduate educational expenses and two summer internships with the State Department for students in degree programs related to information technology.  February 1 (national)

Amgen Scholars Program (Sophomores and juniors):  a paid 10-week summer internship conducting scientific research at one 13 major universities.  February 1 (national)

Astronaut Scholarship (Sophomores and juniors):  $15K toward undergraduate educational expenses, a trip to ASF Innovators Expo, and professional mentoring for students in Science, Engineering or Mathematics.  February 8, 2021 (campus)

Katherine Sullivan Scholarship (Seniors*): Up to $15K toward the expenses of one year of immersive study abroad.  *Recipients must maintain undergraduate status during the tenure of the scholarship. Students who will have completed four years of undergraduate education will need to consult with an academic advisor about the feasibility and consequences of delaying graduation. February 8, 2021 (campus)

NIH Undergraduate Scholarship (Students): Up to $20K/year and paid research training at NIH labs for students with exceptional financial need and interests in biomedical, behavioral, or health-related social science research. Deadline: March 17 (national)