Churchill Scholarship

For one year of graduate study in engineering, math, or science at Cambridge University. Applicants must be U. S. citizens, must be age 19-26 and hold a bachelor's degree by the beginning of the award; must have outstanding academic record (typical GPA of 3.9 or higher) and research experience. At least 15 scholarships are awarded nationwide to candidates from select institutions, including the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Award includes generous living allowance, tuition and fees, travel grant; approximate value $60,000. Institutional endorsement is required; the U of M-Twin Cities may endorse up to two candidates. Applicants wishing to begin graduate study in the fall immediately following graduation should submit a preliminary application in the spring of their JUNIOR year; applicants who intend to take a year off before beginning graduate study should submit a preliminary application in the spring of their SENIOR year. Recent GRADUATES should also apply by the preliminary application Deadline.

This scholarship requires a nomination from the University of Minnesota in order to apply at the national or international level. The Office for National and International Scholarships organizes the nomination process, consults with all interested students on assembling competitive applications, works with nominees to prepare for all stages of national competition, and publicizes results.

Application Deadline
April 1, 2022 (campus); November 7, 2022 (national)
Application Year(s)
Junior; Senior; After Graduation
Award Type(s)
Graduate; Abroad Experience

University of MN Recipients

  • 2022 – Annika Herdtle, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
  • 2020 – Macy Vollbrecht, Genetics, Cell Biology and Development; MPhil (Biology); PhD student (Genetics), Stanford
  • 2018 – Merrick Pierson Smela, Chemistry and Biochemistry; MPhil (Biology); PhD student (Chemistry), Harvard
  • 2017 – Anthony Tabet, Chemical Engineering; MPhil (Chemistry); PhD student (Chemical Engineering), MIT
  • 2016 – Sammy Shaker, Chemistry and Mathematics; MPhil (Chemistry); MD/PhD student, UCLA/CalTech
  • 2015 – Maxwell Shinn, Neuroscience and Mathematics; MPhil (Psychiatry); PhD (Neuroscience), Yale
  • 1990 – Timothy Callahan, Electrical Engineering; Dipl. (Computer Science); MS, PhD (Computer Science), UC Berkeley; Google
  • 1971 – David Holger, Aerospace Engineering; Cert. (Engineering Research); MS, PhD (Aerospace Engineering), UMTC; Faculty, Iowa State
  • 1969 – Ronald Adrian, Physics; PhD (Physics) Cambridge; Faculty, Arizona State
  • 1966 – Richard Erickson, Astronomy; Cert. (Astronomical Research); MS, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysica), Chicago; Faculty, Lycoming College
  • 1966 – David Kittelson, Chemical Engineering; PhD (Chemical Engineering) Cambridge; Faculty, U Minnesota