Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship

The Payne Fellowship Program awards up to fifteen fellowships valued at up to $52,000 annually for a two-year graduate program in international development or another area related to the mission of USAID.  The award includes up to $24,000 per year toward tuition and mandatory fees for completion of a two-year master’s degree at a U.S. institution; a $18,000 stipend for each academic year for room, board, books and other education-related expenses; and up to $10,000 per year in stipend, housing, transportation, and related expenses for summer placements.  Fellows also receive two summer internships,  one in Washington DC and one with an overseas USAID mission.  Fellows who successfully complete the Payne Program and USAID Foreign Service entry requirements will receive appointments as Foreign Service Officers with the U.S. Agency for International Development.  Fellows commit to at least fi e years of service as USAID Foreign Service Officers.

This scholarship is either coordinated by another campus unit or does not require UMN involvement in the application process. The Office for National and International Scholarships may provide guidance on applications as time and resources allow.

Application Deadline
October 26, 2023
Application Year(s)
Senior; After Graduation
Award Type(s)
Undergraduate; Graduate