Truman Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduates for graduate study leading to a career in government or elsewhere in public service. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or nationals and should have a strong record of service or activism and leadership, as well as excellent communication skills. The University of Minnesota selects nominees in their SOPHOMORE year, but applications are submitted in the JUNIOR year. Students transferring into the university for their junior year may contact ONIS about their eligibility. Truman Scholars receive up to $30,000 for graduate or professional school and participate in a Truman Scholars Leadership Week in the summer after the Junior year. An optional Summer Institute in Washington D.C. is offered in the summer after graduation. The scholarship carries a service obligation. 60-65 scholarships are awarded nationwide. Institutional nomination is required; the U may endorse up to four candidates.

This scholarship requires a nomination from the University of Minnesota in order to apply at the national or international level. The Office for National and International Scholarships organizes the nomination process, consults with all interested students on assembling competitive applications, works with nominees to prepare for all stages of national competition, and publicizes results.

Application Deadline
April 1, 2022 (campus); February 1, 2023 (national)
Application Year(s)
Sophomore (campus)
Award Type(s)

University of MN Recipients

  • 2021 – Gurtaran Johal, Political Science and Sociology
  • 2013 – Katrina Klett, Asian Languages and Literature: Chinese
  • 2006 – Joseph Walla, Political Science
  • 2006 – Rebecca Mitchell, Biology, Society, & Environment
  • 2004 – Maya Babu, Psychology and Neuroscience
  • 2002 – David Simon, Political Science, Russian, and Global Studies
  • 2001 – Jessica Kimpell, Political Science
  • 2001 – Kjersten R. Nelson, Political Science
  • 2000 – Piyali Nath Dalal, English and International Relations
  • 1999 – Katie Backes, International Relations
  • 1993 – Rachel Paulose, Political Science
  • 1991 – Steven Swanson, Child Psychology
  • 1991 – Tim Wolf, Urban Studies
  • 1990 – Johanna Reed, Spanish and Linguistics
  • 1986 – Judy Grew, Political Science
  • 1985 – Nigel Purvis, Political Science
  • 1984 – David Linder, Political Science
  • 1982 – Stephen D. Ansolabehere, Political Science
  • 1979 – James R. St. George, Political Science
  • 1978 – Annamarie Daley, Agricultural Economics
  • 1977 – Carole A. Robertus, History