Udall Scholarship (Environment)

For undergraduates who are preparing for careers related to the environment and who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental issues. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents; currently enrolled SOPHOMORES or JUNIORS with GPA of 3.0 or higher; of any ethnicity. Provides up to $7000 towards undergraduate education. Scholars participate in a Udall Scholars Orientation in Tucson, AZ in August. Approximately 50 Udall Scholarships (including Environment, Tribal Public Policy and Native Health Care) are awarded nationwide. Institutional nomination is required; the U may nominate up to four candidates.

This scholarship requires a nomination from the University of Minnesota in order to apply at the national or international level. The Office for National and International Scholarships organizes the nomination process, consults with all interested students on assembling competitive applications, works with nominees to prepare for all stages of national competition, and publicizes results.

Application Deadline
January 31, 2022 (campus); March 1, 2022 (national)
Application Year(s)
Sophomore; Junior
Award Type(s)

University of MN Recipients

  • 2021 – Karly Beaumont (HM), Environmental Science, Policy & Management
  • 2018 – Katharine Baldwin (HM), Anthropology
  • 2015 – Maria Lee, Geography
  • 2015 – Louis Mielke (HM), Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management
  • 2013 – Katrina Klett, Asian Languages & Literatures/Chinese
  • 2013 – Marissa Kramer, Political Science
  • 2012 – Eric Sannerud, Inter–College Program
  • 2011 – Siri Simons, Environmental Sciences, Policy, & Management
  • 2009 – Bridget Ulrich (HM), Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  • 2009 – Andrew Pearson(HM), BIS
  • 2007 – Erick Boustead, Entrepreneurial Management
  • 2004 – Ray Anderson (HM), Geography