Major Requirements for Students Pursuing Latin Honors

Required Honors Courses in Major: 

Required Thesis Course: 
HCOL3101H or HCOL3102H

Capstone Considerations: B.A. degrees (CLA) include a capstone requirement. Students enroll in MATH 4995 or MATH 4997W as supervised by a math faculty advisor. Students formulate a plan for completion of the project with their advisor. This typically involves writing a paper on a topic beyond the material of the student's coursework. B.S. degrees (CSE) don't include this capstone requirement.

Thesis Requirements: For both B.A. and B.S. degrees, the Honors thesis must produce an original synthesis of mathematical content that goes deeper than a capstone project or in-class writing assignment, and beyond the topics of our standard curriculum. Honors thesis students are also required to present their work as an end of the year presentation and to summarize their work in a scientific poster. The Department of Mathematics requires summa cum laude students to submit to an oral exam by their faculty committee (consisting of the advisor and two readers). This oral exam will be 10-20 minutes long and will occur after the readers and advisors have seen a final draft of the thesis. This exam will also complement the public thesis presentation that is required of all honors thesis students in Mathematics

Plan C Thesis Options: None.



Honors Faculty Representative Info

Faculty Rep: 
Gregg Musiker
251 Vincent
Campus phone: 
(612) 624-7073