Why UHP?

The University Honors Program (UHP) provides students like you—the University of Minnesota's most driven—with an enriched, interdisciplinary learning environment. We offer:

Graduation with Latin Honors

As an honors student, you will have the opportunity to graduate with Latin honors. Summa cum laude—Latin for "with highest honor"—is the highest academic distinction awarded by the University. Honors graduates proudly bear those Latin words on their diploma.

Interdisciplinary Approach

UHP is a pan-collegiate program, able to capitalize on the resources of all colleges at the University of Minnesota. You will enjoy the distinct advantage of increased access to courses and faculty from across all these colleges, as well as the University’s Law and Medical schools, and these faculty members will seek to provide cross-disciplinary connections whenever possible. Finally, you will engage with students from a variety of disciplines, adding diverse perspectives to your learning experience.