Why UHP?

The University Honors Program (UHP) provides students like you—the University of Minnesota's most driven—with an enriched, interdisciplinary learning environment. We offer:

Engaging Courses

In these small classes, you will work closely with faculty and your honors peers to explore intriguing topics in new and different ways. Explore current course offerings.

Depth and Breadth

Honors courses move at a faster pace than non-honors courses. This will allow you and your classmates to cover a greater number of topics and to learn about them in greater depth.

Diverse Viewpoints

Honors students may share an innate intellectual curiosity, but each has their own unique passions and expertise. This variety of perspectives strengthens class discussion.

Outstanding Faculty

Our courses are taught by some of the University’s most distinguished faculty. These scholars look forward to engaging with you in their classrooms, offices, and places of research.

Specialized Tutoring

Honors tutors are well versed in the unique demands of the honors curriculum and will make sure you’re getting the academic assistance you need.

Advising & Support

UHP's professional advising staff will help ensure that you’re achieving academic success and taking advantage of all the opportunities for enrichment that the University has to offer.

Broad Expertise

Our advisors include experts in the curriculum of all colleges and programs at the University. No matter where your passions lie, we’ll help you find courses and other opportunities that best fit your goals.

National & International Scholarships

The Office for National and International Scholarships—housed within the University Honors Program—assists honors students in becoming competitive candidates for over 70 prestigious national and international scholarships.


As an Honors student, you will be a member of a close-knit community of scholars within the structure of a prestigious, Big Ten research university.

University Honors Student Association

All Honors students belong to the University Honors Student Association. UHSA plans various social and community-service events throughout the year and provides numerous opportunities for leadership and involvement.

Honors Residential Community

Middlebrook Hall—the designated home to the Honors Residential Community—is one of the University of Minnesota's most popular residence halls. Featuring double rooms with semi-private baths, Middlebrook also offers common areas on every floor for relaxing or holding study groups or informal gatherings, as well as additional building spaces for special events. Located on the West Bank Campus, Middlebrook is central to many social and intellectual events, offering honors students the opportunity to live, study, and socialize with their peers.

To apply, please visit the website for Housing & Residential Life. Once your application is in progress, select Honors Residential Community as your first choice in the "Living Learning Community" section, and select Middlebrook Hall as your first-choice residence hall.

If you have already completed your housing application and indicated preference for a different residence hall, you can adjust your preferences. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your online housing application.
  • Select Profile from the left navigation menu.
  • Again, click on Profile in the expanded list.
  • Select Honors as LLC Request #1.

If you have any questions about the Honors Residential Community, please contact the Office of Admissions at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000 and ask to speak with your admissions counselor.

Latin Honors

Graduation with Latin Honors

As an honors student, you will have the opportunity to graduate with Latin honors. Summa cum laude—Latin for "with highest honor"—is the highest academic distinction awarded by the University. Honors graduates proudly bear those Latin words on their diploma.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Interdisciplinary Approach

UHP is a pan-collegiate program, able to capitalize on the resources of all colleges at the University of Minnesota. You will enjoy the distinct advantage of increased access to courses and faculty from across all these colleges, as well as the University’s Law and Medical schools, and these faculty members will seek to provide cross-disciplinary connections whenever possible. Finally, you will engage with students from a variety of disciplines, adding diverse perspectives to your learning experience.