Honors NEXUS Experiences

Honors NEXUS Experiences, while distinct in content and format, all share the goal of bringing together students and faculty from across the University in small groups to engage in non-standard learning models. These experiences take a variety of forms, treat a diverse array of subjects, and occur over different spans of time.

Honors NEXUS Experiences are not required for graduation with Latin Honors, but they may be used to fulfill non-course experience requirements. 

UHP welcomes ideas for future experiences—please send them to Ian Ringgenberg, Associate Director for Curriculum and Outreach (imr@umn.edu). 


This experience offers an introduction to the geology, mineral resources and cultures surrounding proposed critical metals mining sites.

Activity Period: Summer 2024
Meets: August 15-19

Application Closed

Join Northrop staff for a behind-the-scenes look at the cultural experiences available on campus and throughout the Twin Cities, with discussions, field trips, and tickets to productions and events.

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Thursdays, 2:00pm-3:30pm

This experience-based approach to exploring cinema in the Twin Cities will visit local theaters, film festivals, and film archives to explore the act of viewing at the rich intersection of what we watch and where we watch films.

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Thursday 4:00pm-5:30pm (2x/month), plus screenings

Application Closed

Why talk with strangers? Oh, just to expand your worldview, develop compassion, give or receive help in the moment, understand fear and anxiety, practice resilience, and make surprising connections that could change your life.

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Fridays 9:30am-11:00am

Gain insight into your future in research as we read articles, tour labs, and speak with faculty from a range of academic disciplines.

Activity Period: Spring 2023
Meets: Mondays, 4:00pm-5:00pm

The LEGO experience will comprise about a dozen one-to-two-hour meetings. Readings, video viewings, presentations, guest lectures, site visits, and hands-on sessions will serve as catalysts for discussion in the hopes of spurring future research and community connections. 

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Mondays 1–2:30pm

Spend the day reading the newspaper, enjoying wide-ranging conversations with students and faculty across the University, and thinking more broadly about how we source and evaluate information.

Activity Period: Winter Break (one week)
Meets: TBD (typically 9am-4pm)

Dive into (some of) the biggest issues of the 21st century -- namely ecological catastrophe and energy scarcity -- in a peer-led experience, as we investigate, discuss, and act together to shape the impact our generation can, and must, have on the world. 

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Mondays 2:00pm-3:30pm

Explore the psychology, mathematics, and design decisions that make tabletop games so compelling through faculty lectures and ample time to learn and play a variety of games -- all culminating in your own independent project.

Activity Period: Fall 2024
Meets: Tuesdays 3:00pm-6:00pm


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What are NEXUS Experiences?

Honors NEXUS Experiences bring together students and faculty from across the University in small groups to engage in non-standard learning models. These experiences take a variety of forms, treat a diverse array of subjects, and occur over different spans of time.

NEXUS Experiences are not registered classes and don’t have grades. You can expect about 45 hours of work (combined class time and outside work), though it will vary by experience (some have more meetings, others have more independent work). If you have questions about a specific NEXUS, please email nexusuhp@umn.edu.

Are NEXUS Experiences required for graduation with Latin Honors?

No, NEXUS Experiences are not required to graduate with Latin Honors. However, they can count as non-course Honors experiences towards your Honors requirements.

How do I register for NEXUS Experiences?

Submit an application and choose up to three NEXUS experiences you’d like to be considered for. Applying for multiple experiences improves your chances of being accepted into one. Strong applications include a short but specific explanation of how the experience might fit into your experiences and aspirations.

When does the application open?

We offer NEXUS opportunities during the Fall and Spring semester, with some programming occurring during the winter and summer breaks.

  • Fall application: Opens in April, around the time of fall registration
  • Spring application: Opens in November, around the time of spring registration
  • Winter and summer application timelines will vary, but students will receive notice when they are open

Can first year students enroll in a NEXUS Experience?

Yes, first year students can enroll in NEXUS Experiences. We recommend this They may also be a great option for post-freshman admits (PFAs) in order to complete the requirements in time for graduation. PFAs are encouraged to speak with their Honors advisor about whether NEXUS Experiences would be a good fit for their schedule and goals.

How are students chosen for NEXUS Experiences?

NEXUS Experiences are often small, and therefore can be competitive to join. We try to select students from a range of disciplines who articulate why the experience is a good fit for their interests. To have a better chance of being selected, be as specific as possible in your application about why this NEXUS is a great fit for you and your educational journey.

What if I have a scheduling conflict after being accepted to my NEXUS Experience?

There is no penalty for withdrawing from a NEXUS Experience, but we do want you to inform us so we can accept another student! Email nexusuhp@umn.edu and we will update your record, or can let you know if there’s space available in another experience.

Will I get a grade on my transcript for completing a NEXUS Experience?

You will not receive a grade for completing a NEXUS Experience. NEXUS Experiences will not show up on your transcript, nor will they impact your GPA. However, the NEXUS Experience will be recorded in APAS so students can track their progress for completing Honors requirements.

Can I complete more than one NEXUS in a semester?

You can complete one NEXUS Experience per semester. Due to the limited number of experiences and the high amount of applicants, we cannot allow more than one experience per semester. However, you’re welcome to apply for up to three to increase your chances of getting into an experience.