UHP Policies

  • Course Cancellation Policy: The University Honors Program makes every effort to offer advertised courses. To that end, Honors Seminars with seven (7) or more students are considered viable. Honors Seminars with fewer students will be evaluated for cancellation ten (10) days prior to the start of the semester. Students will be notified and are encouraged to contact their UHP advisor should they need assistance with replacing the canceled course. (Departmental Honors courses cancellation policy is determined by the college/department through which the course is offered.)
  • UHP Eligibility: Only full-time students enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus, who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree and have at least four spring or fall semesters remaining in their degree program are eligible to participate in the University Honors Program. (Some exceptions pertain to students with disabilities.)
  • Honors Course Eligibility: Non-Honors students may petition UHP to enroll in Honors courses. Non-Honors students may enroll in Honors courses after the registration queue has been completed or during summer— after the last August orientation date—on a space available basis. All requests must be approved by both UHP and the course instructor. Moreover, non-Honors students submitting a request must be pursuing their first bachelor’s degree at UMN-TC or another institution, and must have an appropriate academic profile showing evidence of success in relevant collegiate-level coursework.
  • Combined Bachelors and Masters Programs: Typically, students must finish all requirements for graduation with Latin Honors before their bachelor’s degree is awarded. The only acceptable exception is for students who enter the University of Minnesota Twin Cities’ Integrated Degree Program. In these cases, students who have begun work on the thesis before receiving their undergraduate degree, may complete the thesis work after receiving the degree, if it is done before completion of the master’s degree and is within one year of receipt of the bachelor’s degree. These students will receive an amended diploma including Latin Honors.
  • Students Who Entered UHP Under Previous Requirements: All UHP students who become active in the program before Fall 2018 will continue under the old requirements. All students who become active Fall 2018 or later will use the new requirements. This inflexibility is largely due to the inability of the program to weave students into the newly required first-year experience and cohort structure, when it is not, in fact, the student’s first year in the Honors program.
  • Student Conduct Code Violations: A student with a disciplinary, scholarly-dishonesty Student Conduct Code violation on record is ineligible to graduate with Latin Honors. Students who have been sanctioned under the U of MN Student Code of Conduct will be under review for possible removal from UHP.
  • Residency: Students are only eligible to graduate with Latin Honors if they are in residency at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus for four or more spring or fall semesters.
  • Leaves of Absence: Students who take a college-approved leave of absence of two years or fewer, or a non-approved leave of two or fewer semesters (fall and spring, not counting summer or intersession) will be continued in UHP upon their return. Others must re-apply using our post-freshman application process.