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If I don’t get into the honors program, can I apply at a later time?

Yes. You may apply each year, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements and have two years of undergraduate study remaining. If you would like to get a head start, you may request access to an Honors course if space is available after the registration queue. Please send such requests to and tell us why this course would be a good fit for you.

Will all my courses be honors courses?

No. Although we encourage you to take full advantage of the honors curriculum, most students only take two to four honors courses per year, out of a total of eight to ten total courses. More about Experience requirements.

Will being in honors make it harder to maintain a good GPA?

No. Instructors are aware of the level of work required in honors courses and grade accordingly. Furthermore, when reviewing transcripts, most graduate and professional schools take the quality of coursework into consideration, not just grade point average.

Should I wait until I see how I do at the University before joining honors?

Absolutely not! Every year we talk to students who are sorry they waited to participate.

Are honors courses more difficult than normal courses?

Yes and no. Some honors courses are substantially more rigorous than non-honors courses. Others simply engage students to explore topics in new and different ways. More about Honors Courses & Tutoring.

Does being in honors cost more?

Nope. Students in the honors program pay the same tuition and fees as students who are not in the program.

If I don't opt-in to UHP in May, can I decide to join later?

No. Invited students who don't opt to join UHP as incoming first-year students must re-apply through the same process as all other applicants entering after their first year.