Global Seminars and LAC Seminars

Global Seminars

We are offering 12 Global Seminars between Winter Break and May Session. Global Seminars are three-week three-credit experiential study abroad programs led by UofM faculty and staff. They offer a way for students to explore interdisciplinary topics and most are approved for liberal education themes and/or cores.

Winter break (application deadline: October 15, 2024)

Leadership & Social Change in Ireland — Maggie Harris 
Livable Cities: Design & Culture in Australia & New Zealand — Chango Cummings 
Marketing & Sponsorship in German Sports — Mitch McSweeney 

May session (application deadline: March 1, 2025)

Beyond the Nobel Prize: Innovation in Sweden — Nikki Letawsky Shultz 
Capturing Greece: Color, Light, & Form — Fancy Trice 
Decoding Egypt: From Ancient to Modern Language — Morgan Staley 
Field Experience in Denmark: Exploring Community, Culture, & Education — Kathy Seifert
Happiness & Globalization in Bali — Maggie Harris 
Influence of Art & Artifacts in Japan — Tetsuya Yamada 
Mental Health & Well-being in Spain — Seth Christman 
Pillars of Wellness in Sicily: Empowering Minds, Bodies, & Emotions — Andrea Silva 
Sustainable Food Systems of Sicily & Florence — Mike White

2024–2025 LAC Seminars

Below are more instructor-led programs for winter break, spring break, May, and summer session. They vary in length, dates, and content so students can find one that best fits their academic and professional goals:

Winter break (abroad) and spring semester (on campus) (application deadline: October 1, 2024)

Ecosystems & Ecotourism in Belize — Micaela Haas & Rachel Olson
Global Health in Thailand — Dr. Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain & Dr. Kathleen Culhane-Pera 

Spring break (abroad) with spring semester (on-campus) (application deadline: December 1, 2024)

Health in Ecuador: History, Environment, & Culture — Dr. Karin Hamilton & Fred Williams
Shakespeare in London & Stratford-upon-Avon — Katherine Scheil 

Spring break (application deadline: December 1, 2024)

Sustainable Fashion in London — Missy Bye & Jaye Thompson 

May session (abroad) and Spring semester (on campus) (application deadline: January 15, 2025)

Modern Medicine through History in Greece — Tricia Todd & Dr. Karin Hamilton 
The Evolution of Care & Belonging in the United Kingdom — Matthew Reznicek (HSEM)
Sustainable Approaches to Health in France — Dana Lovold

Summer (application deadline: March 15, 2025)

Sex Education in Amsterdam — Kristen Mark 
Flavors of Japan: Noodles, Narratives, & Nature — Michelle Nelson & Paul Handstedt 
Travel Writing: the South of France — Sarah Chandler