Major Requirements for Students Pursuing Latin Honors

Required Honors Courses in Major


Required Thesis Course

HIST 4011V -or- HIST 4961V

Capstone Considerations

Honors students should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, who serves as the History Department's Honors Faculty Representative, to discuss the honors capstone in History before they begin their final two semesters at the University. Honors History majors take either HIST 4011V or HIST 4961V the semester BEFORE their final semester (i.e. in the fall for an intended spring graduation). Prior to or at the time of their enrollment in 4011V or 4961V, honors students must identify a primary faculty thesis advisor and two additional readers to be on their thesis committee. At least two of the committee members must be in or affiliated with the History Department. With permission from the History Honors Faculty Representative, the thesis advisor may be someone outside of the History Department. While in HIST 4011V or HIST 4961V, students write a first draft of their Honors Thesis. In their final semester, students continue to work with their thesis advisor and readers to complete their Honors Thesis. This work may be done outside of an official course (i.e. on your own) or it can be completed in an independent study with the faculty advisor for credit.

Thesis Requirements

The Honors Thesis must show significant independent research based on primary sources and an engagement with relevant historiography. A digital copy of the final Honors Thesis must be submitted to the Undergraduate Studies Office in the History Department. The level of a student's Honors Thesis is determined by the thesis committee according to the following criteria: For summa cum laude: Public presentation; 30 pages minimum; Mastery of both a body of primary sources and relevant historiography, with an original historical argument; For magna cum laude: Public presentation optional; 30 pages minimum; Mastery of a body of primary sources and engagement with relevant historiography; For cum laude: No presentation required; 30 pages minimum; Substantial original research connected to a significant engagement with relevant historiography.

Plan C Thesis Options


Honors Faculty Representative Info

Faculty Rep
Kirsten Fischer
1049 Heller
Campus Phone
(612) 626-4456