Major Requirements for Students Pursuing Latin Honors

Required Honors Courses in Major: 

Required Thesis Course: 
ARTS 3401V

Capstone Considerations: In addition to writing an Honors thesis, Honors students complete a senior exhibition and take both capstone courses — ARTS 3416 and ARTS 3401V — like all other majors (though taking ARTS 3401V rather than ARTS 3401W version of the course)

Thesis Requirements: BFA and BA Honors students whose work aims to earn summa cum laude have to complete a public presentation of their installed work in addition to scheduling a defense with their Honors committee members. Magna and cum laude students are not required to publicly present their Honors thesis.

Plan C Thesis Options: A student may pursue a curatorial project or a solo exhibition without a research paper. The student is expected to write an artist or curator's statement and press release. Students may only complete a Plan C option at the level of cum laude or magna cum laude.

Honors Faculty Representative Info

Faculty Rep: 
Christina Schmid
E201 Regis Center
Campus phone: 
(612) 625-8096