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The Nova Series is the required first year experience for Honors students. Nova serves as an introduction to academic inquiry in the University Honors Program. Over the course of the academic year, students will attend a series of lectures to learn about the ideas and challenges that inspire faculty from a wide range of disciplines. All Honors students must complete the Nova Series requirement, unless they have previously completed NEXUS One. 

We anticipate having Spring dates scheduled by the end of August. The lecture times will most likely be held on Fridays at the same time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nova and why is it required?

Many colleges and programs around the University designate a first-year experience to get you started on your academic journey. Rather than giving you another 1 credit class to fit into your schedule, the University Honors Program offers the Nova Series. This series is intended to give students context for academic inquiry and research that prepares you to ask the questions that will lead you to an Honors thesis. You will hear from faculty across the University, across departments, who are available to you as a student, as they share the ideas and questions that excite them. While you might have one specific major, the Nova series is a space where you can sample different disciplines across the University and engage in your intellectual curiosity.

Do I need to register for Nova Series? I don't see it on my schedule!

Nova Series is not a class. You won't see it on schedule builder or MyU -- no registration is required. As a non-course lecture series, we just ask that you keep one of the two scheduled times (Fridays 8:00am-8:50am or Fridays 4:00pm-4:50pm) available in your schedule. We will automatically add students who need to meet the Nova Series requirement to a canvas course where your attendance will be tracked, and reminders will be sent about upcoming lectures in the series.

I need to miss one of the lectures. Can I still complete this experience?

Yes. Attending 8 lectures will result in receiving credit for the experience, therefore an absence from one or two lectures will not impact your ability to complete it.

I can't make these times work, or I have an accommodation need. Do I have another option?

Email You may petition to complete an asynchronous online option available if you have an unresolvable schedule conflict or accommodation needs.

What happens if I don't complete the Nova Series in my first year?

If you do not attend 8 lectures over the course of your first year, you'll be asked to complete the series again next year. Your attendance does not carry over (e.g. if you attend 3 lectures in the first year, you will still need to attend 8 lectures in the second year to complete your requirement).