Luce Scholars Program

Luce Scholars spend a year in Asia working in an immersive professional internship. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, not more than 32 years old, and hold a bachelor's degree by the beginning of the award. SENIORS, GRADUATES, and GRADUATE STUDENTS may apply. Applicants who have lived in Asia more than 18 weeks must apply to live in a different country. Luce Scholars receive a generous living stipend, support for language instruction, and an internship placement in their area of academic or professional interest. 18 awards nationwide.

This scholarship no longer requires a nomination from the University of Minnesota in order to apply. The Office for National and International Scholarships consults with all interested students on assembling competitive applications, works with nominees to prepare for all stages of national competition, and publicizes results.

Application Deadline
October 16, 2023
Application Year(s)
Senior; After Graduation
Award Type(s)
Internship component; Abroad experience

University of MN Recipients

  • 2013 – Martin Chorzempa, Finance, International Business
  • 2006 – Joseph Walla, Political Science
  • 1998 – Chadwin B. Thomas, Journalism