Departmental Honors Courses

Fall 2020 Courses

ADES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

ANTH 1003V - Understanding Cultures: Honors

APEC 1101H - Principles of Microeconomics

ARCH 1621V - Introduction to Critical Inquiry in Practice

ARCH 3411V - Architectural History to 1750

ARCH 3711V - Honors: Environmental Design and the Sociocultural Context

ARCH 4194H - Thesis/Capstone Project

ARTH 3971V - Honors: Art History Capstone

ARTS 1001H - Honors Introduction to Contemporary Art and Theory

ARTS 3401V - Honors: Critical Theories and Their Construction From a Studio Perspective

AST 1011H - Exploring the Universe, Honors

AST 4299H - Senior Honors Astrophysics Research Seminar

BA 4992V - Honors Thesis Seminar

BA 4994H - Directed Research

BIOL 1001H - Introductory Biology I: Evolutionary and Ecological Perspectives

BIOL 1951H - Foundations of Biology Lecture I for Biological Sciences Majors

BIOL 2003H - Foundations of Biology for Biological Sciences Majors, Part II

BIOL 2960H - Exploring Research in the Biological Sciences

BIOL 3960H - Communicating in the Biological Sciences

BIOL 4960H - Thesis Writing in the Biological Sciences: Developing the Literature Review

BMEN 4794H - Directed Research Honors

CEGE 4000H - Honors Research Seminar

CEGE 4094H - Senior Honors Thesis

CFAN 3091V - Research Proposals: From Ideas to Strategic Plans

CFAN 4801H - Honors Thesis

CHEM 1071H - Honors Chemistry I

CHEM 1075H - Honors Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 2312H - Honors Organic Lab

CHEM 2331H - Honors Elementary Organic Chemistry I

CHEN 4594H - Directed Research - Honors

CHIC 1102H - Honors: Latinos in the United States: Culture and Citizenship

CNES 1042H - Honors Course: Greek and Roman Mythology

COMM 1101H - Honors: Introduction to Public Speaking

COMM 3190H - Honors Course: Research Seminar in Communication

CPSY 3360H - Child Psychology Honors Seminar

CPSY 4994V - Directed Research in Child Psychology (Honors Thesis)

CSCI 1133H - Honors Introduction to Computing and Programming Concepts

CSCL 1201V - Honors Course: Cinema

DES 1111H - Honors: Creative Problem Solving

EDHD 1525V - First-Year Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Ways of Knowing

EE 4981H - Senior Honors Project I

ENGL 3222H - Honors: American Novel from 1900

EPSY 3303H - Honors Educational Psychology Undergraduate Practicum

FINA 3001H - Honors: Finance Fundamentals

FREN 4110V - Honors Capstone Independent Study in French and Francophone Studies

GDES 2399V - Design and its Discontents: Design, Society, Economy, and Culture

GDES 3352H - Honors: Identity and Symbols

GDES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

GDES 4361V - Honors Thesis Studio and Writing

GDES 4362H - Senior Thesis and Exhibition

GEOG 1403H - Honors: Biogeography of the Global Garden

GLOS 3144H - Honors: Knowledge, Power, and the Politics of Representation in Global Studies

GLOS 3145H - Honors: Global Modernity, the Nation-State, and Capitalism

GLOS 3550V - Honors Course: Supervised Research Paper

HIST 4961V - Honors: Major Paper

HSG 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

IDES 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

IDSC 3001H - Honors: Information Systems for Business Processes and Management

JOUR 1001H - Media in a Changing World

JOUR 3776H - Mass Communication Law

JOUR 4733V - Honors Thesis Seminar

KIN 3993H - Directed Study in Kinesiology: Honors

KIN 4001H - Honors Seminar in Kinesiology

LA 4160H - Thesis/Capstone Project

LING 3051H - Honors: Thesis

LING 3052V - Honors: Thesis

MATH 1571H - Honors Calculus I

MATH 1572H - Honors Calculus II

MATH 2573H - Honors Calculus III

MATH 3592H - Honors Mathematics I

MATH 5285H - Honors: Fundamental Structures of Algebra I

MATH 5345H - Honors: Introduction to Topology

MATH 5615H - Honors: Introduction to Analysis I

ME 4081H - Mechanical Engineering Honors Thesis I

ME 4082H - Mechanical Engineering Honors Thesis II

MGMT 1001H - Honors: Contemporary Management

MKTG 3001H - Honors: Principles of Marketing

MLSP 5013H - Scholarly Inquiry and Analysis in Medical Laboratory Sciences - Honors

NURS 4404V - Honors: Applied Research and Research Utilization

OLPD 2811H - Societies of the Future: Changing Work Contexts, Honors

PHSL 4095H - Honors Problems in Physiology

PHYS 1401V - Honors Physics I

PHYS 2503H - Honors Physics III

PHYS 4950H - Senior Thesis

PSY 1001H - Honors Introduction to Psychology

PSY 3801H - Honors Introduction to Psychological Measurement and Data Analysis

PSY 4902V - Honors Project

PSY 5018H - Mathematical Models of Human Behavior

RM 4160H - Honors Capstone Project

RUSS 3311V - Honors Major Project in Russian

SCMC 1201V - Honors Course: Cinema

SLHS 1301V - The Physics and Biology of Spoken Language Honors

SLHS 3555H - Honors Thesis

SMGT 3501H - Sport in a Diverse Society: Honors

SOC 1011V - Honors: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 3101H - Honors: Sociological Perspectives on the Criminal Justice System

SOC 4101V - Honors: Sociology of Law

SOC 4141H - Honors: Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 4551H - Honors: Sociology of Sexualities

SOC 4977V - Senior Honors Proseminar I

SPAN 3105V - Honors: Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

TH 1101V - Honors Section: Introduction to the Theater

TH 4905H - Honors: Tutorial Seminar in Theatre Arts

WRIT 3562V - Honors: Technical and Professional Writing

WRIT 4995H - Technical Writing and Communication Honors Thesis

The University Honors Program makes every effort to offer advertised courses. To that end, Honors Seminars with seven (7) or more students are considered viable. Honors Seminars with fewer students will be evaluated for cancellation ten (10) days prior to the start of the semester. Students will be notified and are encouraged to contact their UHP advisor should they need assistance with replacing the canceled course. (Departmental Honors courses cancellation policy is determined by the college/department through which the course is offered.)