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NEXUS One is the first Honors NEXUS Experience that all UHP students will complete, in most cases during Fall of their first year in the program.

Students will be placed in a cohort of 15 first-year Honors students, a faculty facilitator, and an upper-division Honors student. Each cohort will meet 8 times throughout the semester.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

The NEXUS One application will open in August, prior to the start of the fall semester. Students will receive an email to their UMN account with details on how to apply. 

What if I'm admitted as a post-freshman?

Students admitted as Post-Freshman Admits will have their own NEXUS One experience called PFA NEXUS One. 

There will be four PFA NEXUS One sessions offered throughout the semester. Students are only required to attend one session.

Is NEXUS One offered in the spring?

NEXUS One will be offered on a limited basis in the spring for students who were unable to complete a section in the fall.

What if none of the sections work with my schedule?

If none of the Fall sections works with your schedule, you will have the option to complete NEXUS One the following spring semester.

I signed up for a NEXUS Experience, do I need to apply to NEXUS One?

Yes, you will still need to complete NEXUS One in order to graduate with Latin Honors.

NEXUS Experiences are not required to graduate with Latin Honors (though they do count towards the 5 required Honors Experiences needed for graduation). NEXUS Experiences are offered in the fall and spring, with topics varying each semester (and each year). 

You can take NEXUS One and a NEXUS Experience in the same semester. 

Is NEXUS One required to graduate with Latin Honors?